Mild Steel Round Bar specification

Mild Steel Round Bar specification

Based on the unwavering dedication to achieving excellence in our Mild Steel Round Bar services, Dhand Steels is a responsive organization. We provide reliable sources for manufacturers and distributors of Mild Steel Round Bar. We offer our clients a high-quality selection of Mild Steel Round Bar that is produced in accordance with established industry standards. 

As the Mild Steel Round Bar manufacturer unit is outfitted with cutting-edge gear to check the quality, you can be confident that it will be of the highest caliber and will comply with all international quality requirements. The main benefit of these mild steel round bars is that they have a very long service life with ease of use and safety.

The world has undergone some substantial changes since the year 2020, and the business ecosystem has undergone a 180-degree transformation. The domestic and international economic environments have been extremely uncertain and complex, and the global steel sector has faced unprecedented challenges. With our commitment and inventive solutions, we at Dhand Steels, a leading round bar manufacturer in Nagpur are overcoming these difficulties and achieving breakthroughs through transformation and innovation while maintaining a high level of competition in the market.

Mild Steel Round Bar: Specification 

The forging industry, the bright bar industry, the auto-ancillary industry, the foundation and anchor bolt industry, rollers, pins, bushes, and numerous other engineering businesses all employ MS Round Bars. Mild steel Round Bars come in sizes ranging from 10 mm to 125 mm. Its fixed length is adjustable by up to 100 mm. For an affordable and practical amount, specific sizes in any area can be developed using Mild Steel, High Tensile, EN 8/EN 8D/EN 9/EN 16 material. We at Dhand Steels are a renowned company that manufactures and supplies a wide range of different kinds of brilliant bars. Surprisingly, consumers like these items due to their high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, and durability. We at Dhand Steels, a reputable round bars manufacturer in Maharashtra, were founded in the year 1974.  We offer HHB wires, HB wires, hex bars, and alloy steel under this type.

The round bars offered by Dhand Steels, a prominent Mild Steel Round Bars manufacturer in Nagpur, Maharashtra, Aurangabad, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Pune, are valued for their precise dimensions, superior quality, and robust construction. The engineering building, non-residential and residential building, transport and storage, and other businesses all extensively employ mild steel round bars.

Mild Steel Round Bar: Applications

The following are a few notable Applications of mild steel round bars:

Adaptability: The main benefit of MS round bars is their adaptability, which allows for the flexibility to trim and reshape the round bars as needed. It can be machined well and is safe and straightforward to use. As a result, the majority of manufacturing companies favor it.

Ductility: A material’s mechanical quality that makes it simple to stretch into a wire is called elasticity. Compared to other steel, mild steel round bars are much more ductile and can change their physical form even when under tension without cracking or breaking.

Weldable: Another key benefit is that MS round bar is easily weldable compared to high carbon steel. Due to the metal’s unique characteristics, electric currents can flow through it without altering the material’s form. Contrarily, welding stainless steel requires specific techniques to meet professional standards. This significantly reduces the need for labor and electric costs.

Cost-effective: It is considerably less expensive than other steel varieties and is frequently used to manufacture various products, including cookware, motorcycle frames, car chassis, and other items. MS round bars are strong enough to be used in various applications thanks to their 0.05–0.25% carbon content. It can be manufactured with excellent results at a much lower cost than other steel when needed for a large work order.

We are privately held, forward-thinking, independent steel bar distributors and processors, and we provide a variety of mild steel round bars for your purpose. Mild Steel Round Bar, among other things, is one of the company’s top-selling products. Our efficient manufacturing procedure complies with global quality standards, which aids in our ability to maintain our position as one of the leading Mild Steel Round Bar exporters. You can contact us to get our services.