En8 bright Bar uses

En8 bright Bar uses

Bright Bars are available in areas such as Machined Components, Pump Shafts, Dairy Equipment, Hinges, Pins, Valves, Surgical and Medical Parts, and other end applications. These EN8 Bright Round Bars are available in various finishes, sizes, and specifications. These bars provide solutions such as Bright Flat Bars, EN8 Bright Round Bars, EN8 Bright Square Bars, EN8 Bright Flat Bars, Bright Square Bars, EN8 Bright Hexagonal Bars, and so on. 

Dhand Steels is a well-known company that manufactures and supplies a wide range of different types of bright bars. These products are surprisingly popular due to their high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, and durability. ‘Dhand Steels,’ a renowned en8 bright bars manufacturer in Maharashtra, was founded in 1974. We offer HHB, HB, Hex Bars, Round Bards, and Alloy Steel in this category.


The bright bars are made from premium-grade raw materials sourced from reliable market vendors. As an en8 bright bars manufacturer, we ensure that our products are long-lasting, dependable, corrosion-resistant, and perform well. Our bright bars have numerous applications in a variety of industries.


All About EN8 bright Bar

EN8 bright bar and rod are modest carbon steel round bars with greater toughness and strength than low carbon grades. EN 8 / 8D has good formability and processability when using traditional shop practices. While machinability is decent, this grade lends itself well to forging and heat treating. Rounds 23.5mm to 300mm, squares 22mm to 75mm, Flats 50mm x 8mm to 150mm x 25mm, RCS: 55mm, 63mm, and 75mm. The basic sizes of EN8 bars are bright bars ranging from 18 mm to 63.5 mm and hexagons ranging from 23.5 mm to 38 mm. To meet the needs of its customers, Dhand Steels manufactures, equities, and supplies a wide range of round bars and rods.

Dhand Steels major manufacturers, stocks, and sells a wide range of round bars and rods to customers’ specifications. To meet the needs and desires of industries, we manufacture high-quality Carbon Steel Bright Bars and Rods in various shapes and sizes. We manufacture our EN 8 Hex and Flat Bars with the quality parameters and requirements of the industry in mind. These Square Bars are well-known for their high quality and exceptional features.

EN8 Engineering Steel, also known as 080M40, is an unalloyed medium carbon steel. EN8 steel has moderate tensile strength and good yield strength.

 EN8D Bars and Rods are commonly used in automotive parts, axles, spindles, connecting rods, studs, bolts, and general engineering components. That said, EN8 / EN8D Steel Round Bars are often provided with test certificates and can be supplied in bulk or retail quantities based on your demands and requirements.


En8 bright Bar uses

  1. EN8 Bright Round Bars

EN8 Bright Round Bars are available in sizes ranging from 2mm to 100mm, with manufacture options including JSW, Rolling, VSP, and imported. These are used in engineering areas that require stronger steel that can be tempered at temperatures ranging from 550°C to 660°C. They are found in industries such as construction, railways, and automotive. We can also provide it in a more hardened finish with quenching procedure support in the oil/water post-heating stage.



Automobile Components and Gears

Hydraulic Pumps, Valves, and Pins

Machining Instruments

Components of Engineering

Rod of the Earth

Shafts of Pumps

Shafts for Pistons

Shafts of Cylinders

Shafts of Valve

Shafts for Boats

Bearing Rods


  1. EN8 Bright Square Bars

EN8 Bright Square Bars are offered in sizes ranging from 4mm to 80mm, with manufacturing options including rolling, contact billet, and VSP billet. These medium-strength steels have superior tensile strength, making them suitable for manufacturing processes involving studs, shafts,  keys, stressed pins, and others.



Components used in engineering

Machining Tools

 EOT Crane Rails


  1. EN8 Shiny Flat Bars

EN8 Bright Flat Bars are offered in sizes varying from 10mm*5mm to 150mm*50mm, with ship plate, contact billet, and VSP billet options. These are suitable for engineering applications requiring stronger steel and are used in engineering and fabrication professions, grating enterprises, component manufacturing, and others.

Applications include component manufacturing.

Machine tool industries

Components for Automobiles

Engineering Components 



  1. EN8 Luminous Hex Bars

EN8 Bright Hex Bars are available in sizes ranging from 3/8″(9.5mm) to 4″(100mm), as well as in VSP, Billet Collect, and Imported finishes. These bright hex bars of EN8 metal grade have less carbon content, allowing for MIG welding of parts up to 18mm thick without preheating support.

Applications of EN8 bright bars include

Nuts and bolts

Engineering Components 

Fasteners Machining Tools




Chemical composition: 

The following table shows the chemical composition of EN8 steel:

Element Si C Mn S P
Content (%) 0.10-0.40 0.36-0.44 0.60-1.00 0.005 0.05


Mechanical Characteristics of EN8 Bright Bars


Heat Treatment Tensile Strength Rm Hardness A min on Impact Rp 0.2 Yield Strength


5.65√So Izod Ft.lb KCV J
N 550 152/207 16 15 16 280
510 146/197 17 245
Q 625/775 179/229 16 25 28 355 385
R 700/850 201/255 16 25 28 450 465




Dhand Steels is a well-known en8 bright Bar manufacturer in India, stockist, supplier, and exporter of EN Series Round Bars, the alloy’s low carbon version. If you want to integrate en8 into your business, contact Dhand Steel, a leading en8 bright bars manufacturer supplier, and exporter of en8 bright bars. We offer high precision premium quality en8 bright bars with devotion and demonstrate new!