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Lt. Shri Manohar Lal Dhand laid the foundation for Dhand Steels in 1974, which is presently one of Ludhiana’s top makers of Stainless steel bars. Mr. J.P. Dhand joined the business in 1977, emulating his dad’s example. Dhand Steels at first delivered splendid hex bars, for the most part for the bike business. The firm extended its product offering after some time, and accordingly, being one of the top MSMEs as far as growth is presently thought of.

The ongoing accomplices of the business are Mr. Nikhil Dhand and Mr. Varun Dhand. Both are prepared specialists attempting to lay out Dhand Steels as one of the most legitimate and popular steel brilliant bar makers in the country. The firm today brags of three functional areas in Ludhiana spreading over 35,200 sq. feet, outfitted with all the freshest stuff and innovation including Shotblasting machines after they took over in 2010. From that point forward, they have had the option to extend their scope from 3 to 15 states in India.

The top-grade unrefined substances used to make the splendid bars are acquired from legitimate market providers. As a maker of splendid bars, we verify that every one of our items is dependable, impervious to erosion, and performs well. Our hardened steel splendid bars are utilized widely across different areas.

What Do we Offer

Alloy steel

Producers and exporters of Alloy Steel are Dhand steels. Because of its expanded strength, improved weldability, hot hardness, and wear opposition, composite steel is regularly used in popular applications. To fulfill the prerequisites of fundamental applications, our items are explicitly evolved. We guarantee that we stick to all of the TQM standards.

Bright bar

With measurements going from 4 mm to 100 mm in breadth, Dhand steels is a trailblazer in creating tempered steel splendid bars of product grade in India. To forestall fragile disappointments and give an elevated degree of security, we foster high flexibility supporting steel. Current steel fabricating innovation is utilized in our super present-day creation offices to manage the creation cycle as per the severe adherence to steel characteristics like its mechanical qualities and virtue levels. We have fostered a name as top-quality makers and Stainless Steel Bright Bars manufacturers in Mumbai, India and abroad because of the proficient quality assembling technique utilized by our creation offices. Stainless Steel 303, 304, 316, 420, 431, and 2205 are only a couple of the grades of tempered steel that we give as products.

Square bar

Square bars are broadly delivered in India by Dhand steels. These materials are created by Dhand steels for many modern applications. These client bunches act as the norm for quality. Every part is thoroughly and consistently assessed for quality and affirmed. Prepares made by Vishal are fastidiously dissolved, cast, and formed.

The superior, sturdy hardened steel that our clients get is delivered in one of three state-of-the-art processing plants situated in and around Mumbai, India’s monetary focus. Present-day, front-line, and complex apparatus is bountiful in our creation offices. It is suitably alluded to as the “Green Metal” since it is recyclable and great for the climate.

Round bar

The Round Bar is made out of hardened steel which has excellent anti-corrosive properties and 18% chromium content and an 8% nickel content. It comes in 4mm – 105mm size with ISO size tolerance from h6-h16 and H7-H14. The material shows indistinguishable mechanical qualities. In light of the bar’s solidarity, hardened steel strong rounds bars of any steel grade are utilized. As an outcome, the material is utilized in pressure vessel applications and other destructive administrations. The bars’ particular application abilities are a consequence of the different shines, including the splendid, dark, and cleaned ones. The materials not entirely settled by the its expansiveness, distance across, length, and thickness. The Round bars manufactured by Dhand Steels find applications in several industries such as automobiles, engineering, construction, etc. They possess an extraordinary ability to withstand warping and wearing. Due to the Robust construction, it can be easily installed. These round bars can also be customized in accordance with the technical parameters. Ensuring high degree of safety, we produce quality stainless steel round bright bars with the help of latest technology. 

Hex bars

Hexagon Bars are moved steel items with tight layered precision, worked on mechanical attributes, more noteworthy machinability, and smooth surface completion characteristics. It is utilized in machining and underlying applications. We ensure work on the surface and premium quality in a scope of sizes. At Dhand Steels, a renowned hex bars manufacturer in Mumbai, we ensure that all our products encapsulate end user applications.

Grades Available: M.S, L.C, E.N 1A(NL), EN-8, EN-4, EN-8M, EN-9, EN-15, EN-15 AM, EN-16, EN-18, EN-19, EN-24i, EN-31, EN-32 B, EN-45, EN- 353, 31 CrV3, 42 CrMo 4, 16Mncr5, 20Mncr5, 20Mn2, 27Mn2, 31 Cr4, SAE – 1010, SAE – 1018, SAE – 4042, SAE – 4140, SAE – 8620, SAE – 52100 a, SAE – 1524, SCM – 435, 10B – 21, 15B – 25, C-20, C-50, 35C8

About Our Products

Top-notch Applicability to all Properties
Our products are all constructed using high-quality, raw materials to ensure a first-rate finish. The magnificent bars are often used in many different contexts. Everything from clasps to hardware uses brilliant coated steel bars. The strengths of hardened steel include increased weldability, protection from consumption, and water obstruction.

Why Dhand Steels

The Dhand steels group has worked diligently for more than 30 years to create and sell a great many good items based on customer requests.

Our association certifies that each one of our goods complies with ISO 9001:2015. Additionally, we vouch for the products’ compliance with other security measures including HACCP, and their suitability for usage.

Our association uses materials including carbon steel, compound steel, toughened steel, and more to provide the outcomes. Due to our extensive expertise, we can guarantee our clients a quality control framework and concise delivery.


For excellence and magnificence in the production of magnificient alloy steel manufacturer in Mumbai, go no further than Dhand Steel!

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