Bright Bar Manufacturing Process

As one of the widely used and environment-friendly metals, steel has been around for as long as one can remember. However, owing to industrialization, this robust, unique, and strong metal is used across a plethora of industries. From heavy engineering to construction, automobile to railways, bright bars have emerged as the most effective metal used in diverse industrial sectors.

Diverse industries require bright bars for a range of applications. With a variety of applications, bright bars rank amongst the most popular steel products. At Dhand Steels, we make sure that our steel bright bar products are geometrically in the precise shape and have tolerance which is tight dimensional. Our steel, bright bar manufacturing process plays an integral role in the top-notch quality of our products. We implement the cold, drawn bright bar manufacturing process using our newly-installed Shot Blasting technology.

Bright Bar Manufacturing Process

To achieve unbeatable surface quality and mechanical properties, the cold drawn process is applied on hot rolled products. The foremost step of the cold drawn process is shot blasting, wherein, surface scales on hot rolled products are eliminated with the use of iron particles. The shot-blasted hot-rolled steel then passes through the cold drawing die to get their final size. Also, depending on the grade of steel, it is a common practice to apply a suitable heat treatment on hot rolled products before initiating cold drawing.

At Dhand Steels, we make sure that only the best quality steel bright bar products are supplied to the customers, which is why we make use of the best technologies to achieve the ultimate results. Shotblasting gives our products a competitive edge because of their enhanced quality, aesthetic and surface finish.

Shot blasting

What is Shot blasting?

Shotblasting is a surface treatment process using high-velocity steel abrasive. Shot blasting is the method through which it is possible to obtain excellent cleaning and surface preparation for secondary finishing operations. It is a more sustainable practice than pickling because this type of cleaning does not use chemical products and thus, no toxic waste is generated since shot blasting comprises the acceleration of steel balls by means of a wheel turbine. This makes it non-hazardous to the environment while ensuring good, smooth and uniform metal finish.

Advantages of Shot blasting

    1. Increases the lifespan and endurance of future coatings by improving the bond between the blasted surface and protective coatings.
    2. Eliminates the use of non-eco-friendly hand harsh chemicals.
    3. Helps to remove rust and corrosive builds from the metal surface.
    4. Improved blast pattern accuracy along with more comprehensive abrasive selection.
    5. Helps in revealing any surface defects.

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