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Dhand Steels, one of Ludhiana‘s driving makers of tempered steel bars, was established in 1974 by Lt. Shri Manohar Lal Dhand. Dhand Steels at first gave magnificent hex bars, for the most part for the cycling business. After some time, the organization extended its product offering, becoming one of the top MSMEs as far as development as of now thought of.

As to needs for steel brilliant bars in different structures and sizes, Dhand Steels offers a wide assortment of options. In our excursion, innovation has been pivotal, however, so have the components that make up our world. Our cutting-edge fabricating office in Ludhiana, which is ISO 9001:2015 ensured and has the most current innovation and the capacity to create steel splendid bar items with minute accuracy, for example, brilliant round bars, hexagonal bars, wire poles, amalgam steel, and other exceptional molded brilliant bars, is where we make brilliant bars.

The exceptional crude fixings used to make the flawless bars are bought from solid market providers. As a maker of fine bars, we guarantee that every one of our items is dependable, impervious to disintegration, and viable. Different enterprises utilize our solidified steel delightful bars.

What Do we Offer

Alloy steel

Notwithstanding carbon, compound steel likewise contains extra components including silicon, boron, manganese, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium. Aluminum, cobalt, copper, cerium, niobium, titanium, tungsten, lead, zinc, and zirconium are less predominant components. The strategy used to make combination steel differs from the finished result looked for, yet as a general rule, it is made by softening a few components together for 8 to 12 hours at a temperature above 1600°C. From that point onward, the steel is strengthened at a temperature of over 500 °C to cleanse impurity and change the substance and actual qualities.

Before rehashing the tempering and descaling technique, a combination of iron oxides that are created during the strengthening system are wiped off the steel’s surface utilizing hydrofluoric corrosive. 

Bright bar

In India, Dhand Steels is a trailblazer in creating item-grade tempered steel bright bars. We empower high adaptability supporting steel to forestall sensitive disillusionments and give a more elevated level of safety. In our super present-day creation workplaces, current alloy steel manufacturing advancement is utilized to control the creation cycle as per the severe adherence to steel attributes like its mechanical characteristics and righteousness levels. 

Square bar

Cold drawing, centerless crushing, stripping, shaving, turning, or a blend of these tasks are utilized to make square splendid bars from hot-moved bars. Brilliant square bars with worked on mechanical characteristics expanded layered accuracy, unobtrusive surface clean, and no surface defects are what we make and sell at Dhand Steels. Because of their predominant quality, many driving ventures need outrageous layered rightness and flawlessness like our splendid square bars.

Round bar

Dhand Steels Round bar areas of strength for are, and produced using excellent unadulterated stainless steel and other alloying elements. The parts are easy to twist and fantastic for welding, which makes them incredible for building unmistakable and outwardly satisfying designs without forfeiting strength, magnificence, or life span. These round bars might be worked to effectively uphold huge burdens since they have ensured yield qualities going from 210 MPa, 310 MPa, 355 MPa, and 420 MPa. Steel’s substance cosmetics keeps breaks from shaping after welding, not at all like other optional steel pieces. Thus, it is more fitting for use in top-notch steel buildings, which diminishes both expense and time.

The steel bars are created consistently in sizes ranging from 4 mm to 100 mm, used to make the steel segments are of the best grade conceivable. A test declaration that shows the round bars went through and passed all necessary quality testing is likewise included with the parts.

Hex bars

The best hex bars manufacturer in Nashik is Dhand Steels, which offers premium hex bars with a great many modern and business utilizes. Alongside splendid round bars and brilliant square bars, hexagonal bars are among the most frequently utilized kinds of brilliant bars. They are so popular as a result of their novel structure. We make sure that the products manufactured comply with all the international quality standards. 

Brilliant hex bars are reasonable for various ventures because of their structure and striking layered accuracy ensured during production by Dhand Steel. Hex, round, and exclusively molded splendid bars are Dhand Steels’ subject matter as a main alloy steel manufacturer in Nashik with ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

Grades Available: M.S, L.C, E.N 1A(NL), EN-8, EN-4, EN-8M, EN-9, EN-15, EN-15 AM, EN-16, EN-18, EN-19, EN-24i, EN-31, EN-32 B, EN-45, EN- 353, 31 CrV3, 42 CrMo 4, 16Mncr5, 20Mncr5, 20Mn2, 27Mn2, 31 Cr4, SAE – 1010, SAE – 1018, SAE – 4042, SAE – 4140, SAE – 8620, SAE – 52100 a, SAE – 1524, SCM – 435, 10B – 21, 15B – 25, C-20, C-50, 35C8

About Our Products

Top-notch Applicability to all Properties
The materials we use to construct our products are of high quality, ensuring a first-rate finish. Various contexts call for the use of the magnificent bars. Several areas require the use of brilliant coated steel bars, including clasps and hardware. One of the benefits of hardened steel is that it is more weldable, protects against consumption, and prevents water from passing through.

Why Dhand Steels

One of the top makers of Bright bars, Square bars, Alloy Steel, and Hex bars in Nashik is Dhand Steel Industry. We give a gigantic choice of merchandise that is great for a few modern purposes. For the development of Bright bars, Square bars, Alloy Steel, and Hex bars, the Dhand steel industry is a respectable brand in the market.

Our association uses materials including carbon steel, compound steel, toughened steel, and more to provide the outcomes. Due to our extensive expertise, we can guarantee our clients a quality control framework and concise delivery.


Look no farther than Dhand Steel for quality and glory in the production of phenomenal bars in Nashik!

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Our organization is an ISO 9001:2015 ensured brilliant bar producer, exhibiting the unrivaled nature of the relative multitude of stocks it produces. To ensure that its items are protected with utilization, the organization likewise complies with extra security guidelines including HACCP.

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