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    The year 2020 has brought about some significant changes in the world and has transformed the business ecosystem by 180 degrees. The economic climates both at home and abroad have been very unpredictable and complicated, while unprecedented difficulties have challenged the global steel industry. We, at Dhand Steels, are rising to such challenges with our dedication and unique solutions managed to make breakthroughs by the virtues of innovation and transformation while sustaining a strong market competitiveness.

    We are privately owned, progressive and independent producers of bright bars who, with their innovative and cost-effective industrial solutions have achieved a reputation of being the best manufacturer, and supplier of a broad range of high precision premium quality straightened and aligned Bright Bars, Metal Bars, Alloy Steel Bright Bars and Special Shaped Bright Bars in Ludhiana.

    What we do


    Promoting the Use ofSmarter Steelsfor a Better World

    Steel is as essential as ever for the future of this world. It is one of the only materials to be completely reusable and recyclable. It plays an essential role in building a circular economy of the future, which is why it is essential to make smarter choices and use smarter steels. At Dhand Steels, we make sure that we help build a better world with smarter steels. Our bright bars are made using creative processes which emit less carbon and in turn, are energy-efficient.
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    Promoting the Use of Smarter Steels for a Better World

    Industry-Wise Bright
    Bar Application

    Manufacturing Sector

    Manufacturing Sector

    Bright bars are most commonly used in the manufacturing sector due to their sturdy built, resilience and anti-corrosive properties. From the manufacturing of fasteners to other tools that are directly used by mechanics or technicians, bright bars have a complete application in this sector.
    Agriculture Sector

    Agriculture Sector

    Bright Bars have a wide application in the agricultural sector. The Agri industry uses bright bars to make hand tools, power tools, mechanised machinery like Rotavator, Combiner, Seeder, Mulcher, Tractor and other equipment required for various agricultural practices.
    Automobile Sector

    Automobile Sector

    Automobile industry has been using the bright bars for the longest time now. Different grades of bright bars are used by auto manufacturers to make automobile frames and chassis. Bright bars are used to make many auto engine parts of cars, buses, trucks, motorbikes etc.


    Bright bars are conveniently and commonly being used in various sectors, one of which is the railway sector. Railway engines and coaches are made with the usage of bright bars.
    Construction Sector

    Construction Sector

    Bright bars are often used in construction and engineering projects. Hex, round and special-shaped bright bars have a unique application in the construction industry, i.e. the manufacture of trellis, fencing, and rails in the buildings.
    Heavy Engineering Sector

    Heavy Engineering Sector

    Engineering industries use bright bars to manufacture heavy machines and tools that can further be used in various industries like textiles.

    Why Us?

    1. Leadership with integrity
    2. Innovative engineering solutions
    3. High-finished products with customizable shapes
    4. Focus on our clients’ satisfaction
    5. Flexible and adaptable approach
    6. Proper checks and control from the start to end
    7. Precisely chosen perfectly fit raw material at attractive prices
    8. Best-in-class post-sales services
    Why Us?

    5 Ways Bright Bars
    Can Improve Your Business

    The industrial sector is one of the primeval sectors of the Indian economy that aims to supply a wide range of goods and services to meet the primary, secondary and tertiary needs of the nation. However, this sector demands considerable productivity skills on the part of the entrepreneur who has to sustain the cost while not compromising on the product quality and ease of the production. Several innovative solutions have been invented to help the entrepreneur in the above-listed challenges to benefit the industrial and business orientations. Bright bars turn out to be one such beneficial product to the companies that have industrial and manufacturing units. Bright bars have unbeatable properties that make them stand out from other materials. Top producers of bright bars believe that these can be useful in improving market efficiency and profitability. How? Let’s have a look.

    5 Ways Bright Bars Can Improve Your Business


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      Setting up our base in the late 70’s, at Ludhiana (Punjab, India), we, “Dhand Steel Traders”, are successfully recognized as an eminent manufacturer, and supplier of a broad range of high precision premium quality straightened and aligned Bright Bars, Metal Bars, Alloy Steel Bright Bars and Special Shaped Bright Bars.

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