Bright bars are steel alloy bars made of stainless steel with carbon, chromium, manganese, and iron, etc. They are mainly used as raw materials. They are characterized by geometrically tight tolerance, highly precise dimensions & molecular structure, which is why they possess a smooth and shiny finish. Their surface looks very bright, hence the name bright bars. They come in different shapes such as round, flat, hexagonal, and square. Bright bars are used in every other industry, for making precise machine components and large, strong structures.

The bright bars manufacturing process mainly uses black hot rolled steel bars and Wire Rod Coils as raw material. Bright bars are made by the cold finish process which is a combination of several procedures such as cold drawing, peeling, and shaving, etc. After cooling them at room temperature, they are subjected to further finishing with techniques such as annealing, cold rolling, and grinding-polishing, among others.

Bright bars are of mainly four types – round, hexagonal, square, and alloy steel bars. Round bright bars are used more extensively due to their shape and the ability to withstand warping and wearing. Square bars are used largely in mechanical and architectural applications. Alloy steel bars have many other elements such as nickel, chromium, tungsten, and cobalt besides carbon. These are used as materials in the auto industry, construction, railways, Oil & Gas, energy, and defence appliances. Hexagonal wires have a unique shape and precise structure for industrial use.

Bright bars have versatile use in many industries:

Defence: manufacturing arms & ammunition

The auto industry – for making nuts, fasteners and motor constituents

Engineering – for making overwhelming machines and motor constituents.

Machine industry- for making conveyor belts

Railways- making various rail components

Other industries such as Fan, Telecommunication, Oil and Gas, Machines & Engineering, Nuts & Bolts etc. also utilize bright bars. The manufacturing of surgical equipment, pump shafts, tools, conveyor belts, pins, hinges and threaded bars also have bright bars as primary raw material.

The bright bars’ costing is done on the basis of thickness, shape(round, square/hexagonal), and the grade of the steel used. Prices also vary according to the prevailing prices of ingredients used in their manufacturing.

Bright Round bars are those with a circular cross-section. They are like solid pipes made of steel with precise tenacity and molecular structure. Rounded bars are more widely used compared to square or hexagonal shapes. They have structural as well as industrial use and can be customised according to preference.

The round-shaped bright bars are most vividly used as they provide the perfect base material for machining and making fasteners such as bolts, nuts, pins, hinges and rivets for industrial as well as domestic applications.

Hexagonal bars are weight-bearing, so they are used in making beams, and other structures in construction. They possess high tensile potential. The refinery and Fertiliser industry also make substantial use of HX bars.

HHB wires have extremely high ductile and tensile strength. They are primarily used for making wire meshes, nails and needles. They also find use in the production of handicrafts, wire nails, shaped cables, auto cables and fasteners.

HB wire is mostly utilized in the production of nails, cycle spokes, G.I wires, weld meshes, binding wire, welding electrodes etc. They are also used as raw material for cement poles & pipes, making bridges, and handicrafts. Prominent industries that consume HB wires are agriculture, automobile, construction, welding, and manufacturing.

Window frames, grills, gates, shafts, fasteners, pins and similar industrial applications require square bright bars. Various industries that utilize square bars are Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Water Supply Systems, Paper & Pulp, Power, Fabrication, Structural Pipes, Food processing and heat exchangers etc.

Alloy steel bars can dissipate heat very efficiently, that’s why they are widely used in the manufacturing of automobiles and machines. They also find application in Forging and Processing.

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