What Are Round Bars?

What Are Round Bars?

What is round bars? The round bars are basically long, thick, cylindrical bars with a circular base. It is a pre-finished metal product that has various industrial and commercial applications.

Dhand Steels manufactures and supplier round bars in different strengths in terms of round bars manufacturing process (hot or cold rolling) which can be modified freely. Our products are made using innovative engineering solutions. They are reliable and safe to operate.


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Features of Round Bars:

1)      High tensile strength

Depending on the grade of steel used in the round bars manufacturing process, the strength will be variable. The round bars of high strength will be able to maintain their quality even when they are exposed to large amounts of heat.

2)      Malleable

The round bars can be cut or stamped which makes them compatible with other metal fittings and connectors. Due to malleability, round bars can be used to make minute fasteners as well as uber size machinery.

3)      Excellent surface finish

Polishing round bars will create different types of finishes to improve appearance, as well as enhance functionality.

4)      Comes in different shapes

Because of the variable round bars sizes available, it can be used for different applications. Industries can benefit from the low maintenance that round bars require.

5)      Anti-corrosive

Enhanced resistance to corrosion ability is important for longer stability. It also increases the durability of the round bars.

Applications and the use of round bars:

Round bars are used in various industries. The most common applications of round bars include frameworks, supports, rails, axles, etc. Here is some detailed information about the use of round bars:

1)      Pump shafts

Pump shafts are usually made up of bars that can vary in shape based on the applications. Round bars are ideal to make pump shafts as they exhibit to the harsh environment.

2)      Machined Components and tools

Round bars are very important in the machining industry. Dhand Steels, the largest round bars manufacturer produces and supplied high-grade round bars which can be engineered to make good quality end products.

3)      Valves

Because of the different round bars sizes available, it is commonly used to produce valves. These bars play the role of plungers due to good wear resistance and higher hardness.

4)      Dairy Equipment

Dairy equipment is in high demand. There is wide use of Round bars to make Milk tanks or silos. round bars feature enhanced product safety and offer longevity.

5)      Surgical Parts and Metal Parts

There is the wide range of applications of round bars in the medical industry. It is used to make ortho and dental instruments.  The round bars features strength, rigidity and reliable performance.

Dhand Steels is the largest round bars manufacturer make sure to use the best-quality certified steel in the round bars manufacturing process. We ensure quality and offer customization based on technical parameters.

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