Round Steel Bar – Sizes and Grades

Round Steel Bar – Sizes and Grades

Dhand Steel, established in the year 1974 is one of the leading manufacturing, wholesaling, trading, and retailing of a commendable assortment of steel products. The range that we offer includes stainless steel round bars, super duplex round bars, alloy steel round bars, and more. Its great strength, long service life, and amazing performance are owed to the best grade raw materials and the latest machinery. All the products are manufactured as per the defined guidelines and norms.

Apart from this, the offered collection is available in the market at a nominal price. To fulfil the demand of our customers, we offer varied products.

What are Round steel bars?

These are pre-finished, thick metal products with a circular base. Round bars, also known as bar stocks, are primarily used in applications that require shafts or rods. We are round bars manufacturer and make various diameters, ranging from 14-inch to large, 24-inch-thick stocks for heavy-duty use. 

As a result, round bars must be made of a strong raw metal or alloy, such as steel, aluminium, iron, or titanium. Although industries may rely on one or both of these metals, the benefits of steel round bars continue to make them one of the most formidable materials for achieving excellent load-bearing capacities and aesthetic finish.

Why Our Round Steel Bars are Best?

Let’s proceed further and know why our round steel is the best of our competitors.

  1. Round Bars’ Strength

A steel round ring’s primary properties are its strength and durability. It is the fundamental reason steel is preferred over others. It is because the greater the load bearing capacity of the bar, the more it is chosen for engineering work.

The load required can vary depending on the end use. The round bars required for construction are stronger than those required for the automotive industries.

  1. Round Bar Elasticity

The circular block, while limited in size, have designed to be elastic. Previously, elasticity was not a major concern, but its absence over time produced weak points. Today’s need is to come up with a product that is durable, particularly in construction, where the goal was to make them earthquake-proof.

In order to meet this criterion, the rods are elastic within certain limits. Not only that, but they are easy to transform to their original form and size after being depowered. 

  1. Round Bar Diameter

There is no doubt in the fact that we are the best round bars manufacturer in Nashik as we have a direct impact on the load-bearing capacity of round bars. Thinner diameters are beneficial for cars and other light industrial applications. On the other hand, thicker diameters are useful for buildings and heavy engineering operations. It ranges from 6 to 60 mm.

  1. Round Bar Ductility

Steel components must be malleable and ductile in general as it improves user-friendliness. The more desirable these properties are, the more easily round bars are cut and moulded. However, too many of these properties may impact intensity reduction, which is essential to avoid. As a result, people purchasing a round steel bar should understand the property specifications for end use.

  1. Using Round Bars

For Dhand Steels, a leading round bars manufacturer in Nashik, the end-user is the most important consideration while selecting a circular bar. It specifies the required property specifications as well as the expense optimization. By purchasing exceptionally good property, a consumer can avoid paying higher prices and reduce costs. It is possible by selecting lower limits for assets beyond the standard of protection and understanding the exact technical specifications of end users.

  1. Various Shapes

While round bars have standard sizes, they are available in various shapes and sizes to meet the customer’s needs. Aside from the standard elongated sizing of stock metal parts, the round bar is available into a puck or a small metal rod with a smaller cross-section.

  1. Outstanding Surface Finish

A metal finishing process can also give the round bar an excellent surface finish. By adding another thin layer of zinc, chromium, cadmium, or nickel, the plating can improve the lustre of a stock metal round bar. On the other hand, simple brushing and cleaning can eliminate any surface defects or imperfections on the round bar, resulting in a smooth and consistent surface body.

Our round bars are readily available on the market and have benefited many industries. You can contact us to get a high-strength and low-maintenance material.