Alloy Steel Used For

Alloy Steel Used For

You may sometimes wonder what is so special about steel that makes it so popular. Well, because it is the most used metal in the entire world. Not only is it only a specific kind, but it also has different types. The type we will be talking about today what is alloy steel used for?

Alloy steel is a kind of steel made up of more than one element of alloying nature. The typical reason for adding these elements to steel is to increase the overall strength and durability. Along with power, adding features like chromium, manganese, and boron also improves the steel’s wear and tear, hardness, and toughness. However, these alloying elements do not take up more than 5 percent of the total steel composition.

Now, after we know about alloy steel and how it is made, let us move forward and understand its usage.

Uses of Alloy Steel:

You may be surprised to know that alloy steel is used comprehensively around us in our daily life on a day-to-day basis. The same has also increased the number of alloy steel manufacturers in India. Let us see what is the use of alloy steel.

Airports and Similar Structures

Yes, you read it right. The foundation behind all the big buildings and structures such as airports, stadiums, and even bridges is made up of alloy steel. Basically, behind every large-size infrastructure, there is a steel composition of the bigger design to be made. Alloy steel used for such large buildings provides the required strength and toughness. This steel is often also used for concrete foundations to reduce the overall weight.

Along with providing a foundation and skeleton structure, alloy steel is also used in the basic tools and equipment required, such as bolts, nails, and screws.

Pipes, Flanges, and Strips

Alloy steel is most popularly used in making pipes, and you probably already may have heard about it. Lines are of the best quality when made from alloy steel, considering the toughness, hardness, wear and tear, and strength properties. Pipes and flanges made of alloy steel are highly durable and the most suitable for construction purposes.

Speaking of strips, they are available in hot and cold conditions, so they need to be made of heat-resistant material. Alloy steel is the best metal used for heat-resistant products as strips. Such metal is also non-corrosive and works best in a high-pressure environment.

Kitchen Products

Yes, no department is lacking behind alloy steel. This metal is also used for making various kitchen utensils. The main reason is the heat-resistant property of the steel, which not only ensures safety but also enhances the taste of the food through even cooking. Utensils like pans are mostly made up of alloy steel metal.

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